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youth4planet is a non-profit association (or several associations) that encourages children and young people to make films on pressing issues of our time using the simplest technical means. To this end, youth4planet holds workshops at schools, universities or companies. The participants only need a smartphone. By working on their own short film, they simultaneously become aware of the topics, which are always related to the 17 goals for sustainable development.

Founder Joerg Altekruse had the idea for youth4planet since 2012. In 2014, the first association was founded in Hamburg. However, after numerous rejected applications, the idea was on the verge of extinction in 2016 – until I was commissioned to help.
The problem was that, on the one hand, there was no uniform or professional-looking design. Secondly, the concept, which was actually coherent, was not communicated clearly enough in some cases.

A success story

Only within one year after the branding, youth4planet got first support in Luxembourg and soon an association was founded. Today, the project is supported by the Luxembourg government with a six-figure sum annually and with several half-time positions. In addition, there are now youth4planet associations in Austria and the USA.


  • Saphire Blue
  • Permanent Geranium Lake
  • Indian Red
  • Persian Green
  • Light Gray


The new logo for youth4planet should appear large and significant and appeal to a broad target group. It should be attractive not only for young people, but also serious for educational institutions. For different applications, the logo was executed in several formats – perfectly dimensioned according to the golden ratio.

Logo Animation

The logo animation tells the idea of youth4planet in 10 seconds.


While it is common practice in Japan that even companies and organizations have their own mascots, this successful concept has not yet fully arrived in the West. Since youth4planet is all about teamwork and co-creativity and diversity, the organization has been given 8 mascots. Each of the animals, based on the shape of the logo, represents a different area of responsibility in the film team.


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Teaching material

A brochure with tips and tricks, application examples and teaching techniques serves for work in the classroom in Luxembourg. Within the brochure, further teaching material is linked for printing via QR codes.

Communication Material

For cover letters, applications, invoices and more