About me

Hi, I'm Jonathan, graphic and motion designer, musician and programmer.

Creative work has always inspired me. Even as a child I developed and designed my own board games, stop-motion experiments and HTML pages. As the son of a filmmaker, I learned early on how to deal with image composition and light. I kept my curiosity and play instinct in adulthood and turned my passion into a profession. After school I learned programming (PHP and Javascript) autodidactically besides playing the piano and soon developed my first websites for clients. From 2016-2020 I studied communication design at Design Factory International in my hometown Hamburg and discovered my passion for animated film.
My biggest strength lies in combining design, code, conception and marketing strategies to make exciting projects from different fields shine.
When I’m not designing, I go climbing, make music or enjoy nature. Because creative work is not location-bound, you can find me either in Lucerne (Switzerland), on the Greek island of Crete or in my hometown Hamburg (Germany). 

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