• Bike design & concept
  • Website
  • Branding incl. Logo and Naming

The CreaTivelo is a mobile event studio and solar-powered cargo bike. In 2019, youth4planet a.s.b.l got the funding for 3 CreatiVelos and rode it with a team of young people from Luxembourg to the climate summit COP26 in Glasgow. On the built-in 4k screen, films on sustainability topics from the film workshops of youth4planet were and will be shown, which in turn should inspire other young people and filmmakers. The event was a great success and there is a lot of interest in further CreatiVelos.

I was responsible for the design of the bikes. Conceptually, I was significantly involved. I also developed the name and the brand.


  • youth4planet Blue
  • youth4planet Red


The name is composed of “Creative” and “Velo” (Lat. “velox” – fast), which is the Luxembourgish term for “bicycle” and also forms the word origin in many other languages (e.g. Russian “velociped”).


An illustration for the earthbeat COP26 tour and an exploded view for presentations

The bike

When designing the CreatiVelo, a lot of white space and strong contrasts were deliberately used, as this is particularly eye-catching on streets and in squares. Central is on the one hand the brand logo and on the other hand a hidden object with all kinds of infographics, the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, the youth4planet mascots and much more along a bicycle route. The CreatiVelo attracted a lot of attention on the COP26 tour and at actions afterwards, not least because of its design.
The designer on the CreatiVelo


Of course, the CreatiVelo also needs its own website. At short notice I implemented a landing page in the course of the earthbeat COP26 tour.